In today’s dizzying world, change happens so fast and individuals carry so many varying responsibilities all at once. A person can easily feel overwhelmed, falling behind, and even “crazy.” “Crazy” is not such a politically correct word anymore, and many people don’t like to say it out loud. But in the safety of the therapist’s office, it emerges… the secret fear that one is “crazy.”

“What is wrong with me…?”
“Why can’t I…?”
“Sometimes I worry that I am crazy. I feel crazy.”

You may be picking up on something that is real and important. Take that feeling seriously, but don’t jump to the conclusion that it is you. Pause a moment to locate the “crazy.” Many times, especially as women, we assume, or we are told, that the “crazy” is in us. We believe that there is something wrong with us if we are struggling to fit in or we can’t cope. Sometimes that is true, but many times the “crazy” is in the situation. Many times life is just “crazy.” We find ourselves in “crazy” predicaments where not being able to fit-in or cope is actually typical or even “normal.”

When you find yourself in the midst of “crazy,” consider whether the situation can be changed. You might be surprised. You might be able to get the support needed if you speak up. If you step back and assess your options, you might be able to just walk away from the “crazy” situation. Unfortunately, sometimes there is nothing we can do to change the situation and we have no choice but to remain there. You might have to just muddle along the best you can. But to struggle without the added burden of thinking that something is wrong with you is a major improvement in your personal emotional experience.